Project Design

To equip the program staff to design interventions that are inclusive of adolescent girls and women and girls with disabilities, staff are encouraged to participate in activities to help reflect around marginalization and inclusion, as well as to identify appropriate strategies to engage these groups. 

The following activities can be integrated into the baseline assessment training to help program staff and data collection teams to maximize opportunities for inclusion throughout the baseline assessment and project design to implementation: Activity 1: Where do We StandActivity 2: Who has the PowerActivity 3: Analyzing Community EngagementActivity 4: Four BarriersActivity 5: What Does Discrimination Look Like, and Activity 6: Strategies for Inclusion. 

In addition, slides on Introduction to Adolescents is also included.

To help program staff design interventions aimed at enhancing women and girls’ participation and to improve their sense of safety, the following participatory tools can be used: Community Reflection Exercise, Community Safety Mapping Tool for Boys and Girls, Disabilities Focused Group Interview Guide and Tool, Identifying skills & Capacities of Women & Girls with Disabilities. Disabilities Focused Individual Interview Guide and Observation Checklist, Participatory ranking tool, and Story in a bag

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