Purpose of the toolkit

The toolkit is a resource for CCCM actors working in camp and camp-like settings who recognize that to improve the safety and to mitigate the risks to gender-based violence (GBV) for women and girls, women and girls must participate in decision-making mechanisms and governance structures within the camp and camp-like settings. 

This toolkit is for program staff to assess, design and evaluate interventions that aim at enhancing women and girls’ participation in decision-making and governance structures to improve their sense of safety. 

The toolkit includes training materials to prepare the data collection teams, baseline tools to be used during the baseline assessment, tools for program staff to design the interventions, and lastly, end line training materials and tools to equip data collection teams to evaluate the interventions. The toolkit emphasizes the design of an inclusive project : that which includes not just the women and girls who are easiest to reach but ensuring those who are at heightened risks to GBV, such as adolescent girls and women and girls with disabilities, are included in the assessment, project design, implementation, and evaluation. 

Interventions with the objective of enhancing women and girls’ participation in camp decision-making processes and improving their perceptions of safety can integrate and/or include leadership training, legal rights training, livelihoods programming, among others. This toolkit aims to ensure, that regardless of what intervention is selected following the baseline assessment, it is designed to be inclusive of the diversity of women and girls and with the broader objective of linking the project activities to women and girls’ participation in camp life and governance and their sense of safety.