Baseline Assessment Tools

The baseline assessment tools are to be adapted to relevant contexts in order to enable an assessment of how displaced boys, men, women, and at-risk groups including adolescent girls, and women and girls with disabilities, participate in camp life and camp decision-making processes. The objective of the baseline is to assess current levels and perspectives related to participation and safety as well as identify barriers and opportunities to increase women and girls’ participation in decision-making in order to improve their sense of safety. 
The tools should be modified as appropriate to fit the specific context and camp setting and used with selected, relevant stakeholders and community members including – but not limited to – female and male camp leaders (block, sector, or similar), women’s associations, youth leaders, female and male community members, adolescent boys and girls, disability associations, governmental and non-governmental actors, and protection and gender-based violence actors. 
Instructions on how to select and split up groups, and to identify key informants can be found in the tools themselves. The following tools are included in the toolkit to conduct an assessment with the displaced community: 

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